About Freedman Meats

Freedman has been serving high quality protein to the Texas market and beyond, since the 1930’s. The business has grown from a single truck grocery business to one of the premier steak cutting operations in the country. The Freedman Companies encompass Freedman Meats, Texas Meat Purveyors and Buckhead Beef Denver, operating five processing facilities, providing direct services to eight major metropolitan areas: Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Harlingen, San Antonio, Denver and Oklahoma City and supplying Sysco Operating Companies nationwide.

As meat processors, we point to quality and service as the strengths of our company and provide portion control, inventory aging and special workmanship to some of the finest establishments in the world. At Freedman, our role is to satisfy the customer. Service, products and market advice, will always be geared towards your needs.

Freedman is among the industry leaders in technology, cold chain management, process control and packaging. Additionally, we are committed to the precepts of HACCP as well as third party auditing to keep food safety as a primary concern at all times.

Freedman has full time commodity buyers, whose focus all day, every day is to insure that we own our raw materials a value within the market, and only source from reputable companies who share our same ideals. The nearly two million pounds of product purchased each week, provides the needs leverage in obtaining our goal to stay competitive within the market and relevantly priced within the industry.

Embarking on a revolutionary alliance in January 2001, Freedman became part of the SYSCO Foodservices family of Specialty Meet Companies. Freedman Foods currently distributes BUCKHEAD BEEF® branded Premium Cut Steaks throughout the following Sysco Operating Companies: Albuquerque, NM; Austin, TX; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Houston, TX; Kansas City, KS; Lincoln, NE; Longview, TX; Lubbock, TX; Norman, OK; and San Antonio, TX.


Our Freedman Meats brand steaks are produced in three Texas plants that are among the finest in the country. These facilities are USDA inspected and are committed to cleanliness guidelines and food safety standards that move well beyond industry standards. Meats are compared and measured in our facilities for the desirable palatability traits of tenderness, juiciness and flavor. Our steaks are produced with one overriding objective:To offer your customer the finest eating experience possible..



Our Program

Premium quality, well marbled, mid-western beef
Naturally aged 21 to 35 days to maximize tenderness and flavor
Hand cut by meat specialists to rigid specifications
We believe these things add up to a differences you can see and taste! Freedman Meats is recognized nationally as one of the premier, if not the premier, standard of quality in the steak business.

Our Commitment to Food Safety

All of our production plants are USDA & FSIS inspected. An inspector is on site every day, whenever the plants are in operation.

Each Facility has a full implemented Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program, along with Standard Sanitation Operation Procedures (SSOP), which detail the cleaning, sanitation and monitoring of all the equipment and the interior/exterior of all buildings.

Each facility has a complete Food Safety/Quality Assurance staff on site. This staff performs numerous food safety audits on a daily basis. Daily operations do not start until a food safety employee performs a complete pre-operational inspection of all facilities and equipment.

Each facility performs numerous Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on a wide range of food safety issues, all of which are documented.

Each facility conducts ongoing Food Safety training for all employees, stressing GMPs and cleaning and sanitation practices.

Each facility performs microbiological testing on incoming raw materials, product contact surfaces, non-product surfaces, plant environment and finished products.

All facilities maintain an allergen control plan and all labels are approved by USDA. Our facilities participate in a third party Food Safety Audit system. Each facility has received Superior ratings, the highest available.

Our Portion Control Program

Our portion control program is your “butcher shop.” Our fresh portion control program includes Beef, Veal, Pork and Chicken. Our customers have come to realize the benefits of our portion control program, through:
· No extra trim or waste, portions to match your exact specification
· Portion control saves time and money
· Better trimmed products ensure higher consistency and satisfied customers
· High quality packaging ensures shelf life and no loss of product
· Custom portion cuts that fit the specific menu needs

Located in Dallas, our custom ground beef operation produces over 10 million pounds of ground beef per year. Whether using a Freedman developed blend or partnering with Freedman to create your own, there are several benefits to using Freedman:
· Available in bulk or portion control sized patties
· High quality packaging ensures shelf life and no loss of product
· All sub-primals are E-Coli tested before being ground, whole muscle only, no trim
· Tradional blends available as well as trendy, chef developed custom grinds


Every Specialty Meat Company specializes in the marinated product category. Each company produces many house label products, as well as numerous proprietary marinated recipes. Purchasing Freedman pre-marinated products can offer the following advantages:
· 100 percent yielded meat cost
· Product is consistent in flavor and quality each package
· Pre-marinated items are user friendly to prepare and cook
· High quality packaging ensures shelf life and no loss of product

Contact us to learn more. Since our inception in the 1930s, our mission has never changed:
To source only the highest quality products the market has to offer and to provide our customers with exceptional service.


Freedman Dallas
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Texas Meat Purveyors
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Texas Meat Purveyors
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