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Certified Angus Beef® Texas Ranchers

- Steve & Ginger | Olson Cattle Co - Hereford, TX
- Rayford & Carla Pullen | Pullen Angus - Bellevue, TX

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Cubed Steak

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Porterhouse & T-Bone

Freedman's Porterhouse T-Bone

Sysco Test Kitchen: Cut Steaks Meat Company

Sysco Test Kitchen: Cut Steaks Facility Tour

Sysco Test Kitchen: Cut Steaks Facility Tour

Sysco Test Kitchen: Types of Cut Steak

Sysco Quality Assurance

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Video Tour of Beef Plant Featuring Temple Grandin
Beef Documentary by Food Dialogues
Caring for Animals on a Family Dairy Farm
Resonsibility to Care for Cattle






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